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Some other Scotland on [http://www.podiobooks.com/title/some-other-scotland Podiobooks.com]
Some other Scotland on [http://www.podiobooks.com/title/some-other-scotland Podiobooks.com]
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[[File:2010parsecnominee.png|thumb|250px|PARSEC Award Nominee]]

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Some other Scotland on Podiobooks.com

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The music for this podcast is from the track “No Strings Attached” by The Lunacy Board, who can be found at www.lunacyboard.com

AWARD Podcasting: Under the Kilt


Introduction - SOS Ep00 - About 'Some Other Scotland'

Interlude 01 - Questions about 'Some Other Scotland' and Twitter News

Interlude 02 - Listener feedback, a map and 'Some Other Scotland' on Podiobooks.com

Interlude 03 - Introducing the wiki and the new domain - www.someotherscotland.com

PARSEC Award Nominee


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"The Fox" meets "SOS" Promo

"SOS" meets "The Fox" Promo

Features and Interviews

PodioRacket: Mick Bordet Live from Scotland

I Should Be Writing: Guest Post: A Podcaster’s Guide to Winging It by Mick Bordet