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Spin-Off 01 - Alternative Therapy

The first of the spin-off stories to feature at Some Other Scotland is about Craig Fullarton's sister, Sarah. It is set shortly before the events of Episode 2. This story was originally posted for the Great Hites prompt "Self pity". It can be found along with others of the same theme at GH #58.

Spin-Off 02 - Mist and Shelter

The second and third of the spin-off stories to feature at Some Other Scotland are both set in the past. The events in "Mist" take place in 1919 on a secluded beach in the North of Scotland. This story was originally posted for the 100 Word Stories prompt "Shrouded in mist". It can be found along with others of the same theme at 100 Word Stories #168. The second short tale, "Shelter", was also written for the 100 Word Stories podcast, but was not recorded in time to be included, so this is its first appearance. It is set in 1940 and has a close link to Episode 15 of 'SOS'.

Further Information

Merkland Street Subway station, the scene of the attack.

Highland Cow.jpg

Spin-Off 03 - The Three Coos

The next spin-off story to feature at Some Other Scotland is a little different.

This is a variation on the popular fairytale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', but this is as told by Razer, so it has a little more local flavour.

It was inspired by odin1eye from the View From Valhalla blog. That is a good source of reviews of other podiobooks you might want to investigate if you are enjoying SOS.

More Spin-Offs

Every Photo Tells... Podcast

- Sobieski (Every Photo Tells... #101)

An exhausted guitarist (Andy) takes a coffee break before his gig and ends up learning about his audience.

- The highland Welcome (Every Photo Tells... #95)

Two redcoats on the hunt for a fugitive take shelter in a country house which is not exactly what it seems.

- The Castle Wall (Every Photo Tells... #64)

The story behind Harald's message in Chapter 13: Ghost.

- Waxing On (Every Photo Tells... #58)

A series of dialogues set during Charles' march towards London in 1745.

- Near Missing (Every Photo Tells... #16)

Correspondence between Calum Hayston and his pen-pal provides some more background. Leads in to Chapter 20: Baby Records

100 Word Stories Podcast

- Lesser Evils (100 Word Stories 'Choose' #194)

- The Hunt (100 Word Stories 'Kilt' #196)

Great Hites Podcast

- To the Clouds (Great Hites 52)

This is a 2nd generation spin-off really, with the story being of a character who meets Harald Grant in another spin-off

- Dandelions of Memory (Great Hites 60)

Erica Wallis at the Airport, just prior to heading to Skara Brae

- The Cave part 1 (Great Hites 61)

Set about 4k years ago, refers to the cave that the polar bear remains were found in

- Breakfast Hat (Great Hites 66)

Gordon Greenlaw (aka Razer) in NY following his escape

- Hide & Seek (Great Hites 67)

Set in WW2, the first attack on the Merk (The)

- The Pit (Great Hites 68)

Set in around week 33 of the story from Jim Sykes' view and also about 3k years ago from the guy buried

- Spicy Mustard (Great Hites Bonus October #2)

Not part of the canon yet


- Close Encounter of the Forth Kind

The story that links 'To the clouds' to the main SOS story - Harald Grant nearly hits the R34 - the musical episode that was included in the promo booklet, but is not available anywhere else yet. It is set between Harald Grant leaving the Lamb to search for his father and the crossing of the Atlantic by R34