Charles Edward Stuart

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Statue on the Glenfinnan Monument
Waistcoat of Prince Charlie
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Bonnie Prince Charlie

Full Name: Charles Edward Stewart

Also known as: Bonnie Prince Charlie, BPC

Major Character


'Died' aged 80ish, but kept suspended / made youthful by holding something unknown.

Was moved to Raasay (Isle of) from Rome.

Wears red velvet jacket and grey-green waistcoat containing coins, handkerchief & hidden pouch with parchment.

Lived from 31 December 1720 - 31 January 1788

Date Character Event Link
31 Dec 1720 Charles Born in Rome, Italy.
31 Jan 1788 Charles Reportedly died, in Rome, Italy.
Jan 2009 Charles Wakes up in hidden room in Raasay House Chapter 3: Awakening
Full Timeline

Twitter Account: BPCharlie

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