Chapter 21: Bees

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Charles finds music and a lift. Razer picks a side. [[Erica|| and Tania find a clue to Sengar’s whereabouts.

This week’s news story: Human race could perish without bees

changed to the alternative: Bee disappearances a growing threat to Human Race

A debate in the Scottish Parliament has raised concerns about the rapidly declining bee population in the UK and beyond. A number of reasons, including the increase in the population of the Varroa mite ongoing use of pesticides in farming and even the prevalence of mobile phone masts, have been attributed to the fall in numbers, but scientists have yet to identify a means of reversing the trend. Agricultural experts have highlighted the impact on crops that is already being seen, due to the lack of cross-pollination by bees.

Further Information

BBC News - Read the original story.

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