Chapter 19: Great Scot

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Harald Grant moves in closer to Charles Edward Stuart.

Gordon Greenlaw (aka Razer) deals with a sinking feeling.

Charles Edward Stuart starts to hatch a plan.

Erica Wallis and Tania assess the Merk damage.

Jim Sykes' suspicions are confirmed.

This week’s news story: Peter the Great's right-hand Scot

changed to the alternative: Pages missing from diary of Peter the Great's Scottish General

Scholars have announced that they believe several pages have been removed from the diary of Patrick Gordon, a Scot who held a senior rank in Peter The Great's army. They claim inconsistencies in the text suggest that up to a month's information may have been replaced by a series of paragraphs indicating the soldier was offered work in Vienna, only to be told shortly afterwards he was no longer required. The diary was published in full for the first time in the UK this year.

Further Information

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