The Lamb

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The Lamb

Harald Grant's home, an island off the North Berwick coast. He buys it in Chapter 7.

Buried within the island is another of the Eggs developed by the Sidhe. It has access to the surface of the island and a tunnel down to an underwater dock for Harald's Craft.

A rectangular black control box held by Harald serves as a key as well as a remote storage device.

The room inside is triangular in shape, carved from solid rock, with one wall that provides access to a local copy of The Archive. This is used to enable access to global communications systems and hidden cameras that have been placed in several key locations, including those discovered by Sykes and Calum at Holyroodhouse and the Scottish Parliament.

"The Lamb, sometimes called Lamb Island or just Lamb, is a small (approx. 100m long x 50m wide), uninhabited island between the islands of Fidra and Craigleith in the Firth of Forth, off the south-east coast of Scotland. The Lamb can be reached by boat from North Berwick, although there are no landing facilities and little to attract visitors when compared to Fidra and the Bass Rock." The Lamb, Wikipedia