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The transportation used by the Sidhe are known as "Ships" or "Craft". Both are dark-grey, cigar-shaped vehicles, built from rock-based of polymer, combined from various commonly occurring minerals. The layer on the surface has a very low density and has light-refractive properties. In combination with some more technical devices on-board it allows the ship to be almost invisible to the human eye. The bulk of the ship is effectively a synthetic form of pumice, thin pockets of rock surrounding vacuum bubbles, making the whole thing almost as light as air and thus suitable for air-flight as well as submarine travel.

Propulsion is based on the earth's magnetic fields being used to support and guide the vehicle through the application of a strong magnetic engine.

Inside the craft, the smooth black walls display flight information as well as a panoramic view of the outside of the vehicle.


The ship is about twenty metres long and eight metres tall. It is capable of carrying an Egg to its desired location and includes a Rock-cutter that is specifically designed to excavate a hole large enough for the Egg within a very short period of time.


These are smaller versions of the "Ship", specifically designed for solo operation by those based in outstations, and linked to their host Egg for maintenance and power.

Used by

Harald uses a craft in his travels to Skye and Anstruther.

Sengar uses a craft, unseen so far, to travel to New York.

Tania pilots a ship, travelling to Skara Brae, Glasgow and New York.